Boost/EQ to replace Suhr Koko Reloaded?


Silver Supporting Member
Hey guys!

Anyone use the Koko Boost Reloaded in the loop for solos? I have been using the Koko for some time but I can't seem to control the volume, so it's always really loud. I also don't have much control over the mid boost. It is sort of one frequency you are boosting and that is it, correct?
I used to use an Xotic EP for leads, but I also see some new MXR pedals that could be great in this role. One is the MXR Mini Boost which is a combination of EP and Micro Amp, so essentially an EQ/Boost. The other is to go back to an EQ pedal, such as the MXR 6 Band EQ, or a modified Boss GE-7 EQ or Mesa Boogie 5 band EQ that looks really sweet.

Anyone try any of these pedals?


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