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Boost Pedal for Blues


I guess I should make it clear that I want to boost my clean sound as well, not just the Tube Screamer. So solos without overdrive need to be boosted.
You probably can’t do this without using a two-channel amplifier or rethinking your signal chain entirely so that you are getting all your overdrive from pedals.

A boost pedal before an overdrive pedal will give you more overdrive. A boost pedal after an overdrive pedal will give you more volume.

I actually use four gain stages on my board, running into a clean tube amp.

amp <- od2 <- boost2 <- od1 <- boost1 <- guitar

boost1 functions as a pre-od gain boost
od1 is my base overdrive sound
boost2 functions as a post-od volume boost
od2 functions as an “amp simulator” and is always on.

my clean sound is od2 only.
my louder clean sound is od2 plus either of the boosts
my rhythm crunch tone is od2 plus od1
my lead tone is ods plus od1 plus boost1
my over the top tone is od2 plus od1 plus both boosts
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Here's my board with input in the lower right and output in the upper left.

My main solo boost is a simple Joyo Boost and it just works! The main reason that it's at the end of the drives is that the SL Drive doesn't like boost on the input, it doesn't really get louder.

I use some overdrive stacking as well, you get a lot of singing drive with the Zendrive into the Sweet Honey and for slide solos I might even use SL drive into Zendrive to get it singing properly.




I use the Xotic EP boost for just this purpose. There are dip switches inside if you do not want the low end emphasized, through I know many who use it just for the low end sound. In any case, the clean boost is pristine and always tamable.
Simple, clean and a touch of warmth. It’s actually become an always on pedal for me because it sounds so good. Maybe I need 2, LOL.

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