Boss BF-2 vs A/DA Flanger


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I want to get a flanger...but which one?

I made another thread asking for flanger advice/recommendations in which I received a lot of great suggestions. Pedal board real estate is at a premium so I need something that is around the size of a standard boss/mxr. I think I narrowed it down to two choices. The Boss BF-2 and the upcoming A/DA PBF Flanger.

My original intention was to try to emulate the modulated tone on the beginning of Tool's cover of No Quarter. Now this isn't paramount, but definitely a sound I'd like to approximate among others.

Adam Jones uses a Boss BF-2 so that seems like a no brainer, but I've heard that the A/DA is the gold standard of flangers.

I'm concerned about noise with the BF-2. I've read that it can introduce treble and noise even when bypassed. Does anyone know if there is truth to this? This would also be the only buffered bypass pedal on my board with the exception of my dedicated stand alone buffer.

The A/DA seems appealing because it is true bypass, has the even/odd harmonic switch, a level control, and an expression pedal jack; all of which make it seem like a higher quality, more versatile/interactive unit.

Can the A/DA (and I understand the PBF version isn't released but let's base this off of the original or reissue units) cop that modulated Tool tone? Even if it can't sound like Adam Jones, which unit do you prefer and why?


The BF2 can often be found used for around $50 (or less.) If you don't like it, sell it for same.
I tried a vintage A/DA and it was awesome- and also well over $200.

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