Boss DD-20 Giga-Delay looper and buffer questions... Users please chime in!


So in my recent overhaul of my pedalboard, I decided to replace my Strymon Timeline with something a little more fiscally responsible. I found that the Boss DD-20 offered everything I needed in a practical and semi-inexpensive package.

Just got it in and I must say, I can see myself using this pedal as my delay workhorse for years to come. IF I can solve 2 annoying issues I haven't been able to nail down why they are happening...

When I use the looper function, my playing is coming through at full volume, but then when I start the loop the volume drops by half. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? I reallt like to use looping and if this isn't adjustable somehow this is a deal breaker for sure.

The second issue is that wheras before all my pedals were true bypass, now I have this buffered Boss in my chain. :facepalm All of the pedals before the Boss in the chain are popping loudly when I turn them on/off, however all the pedals after it (ampside) switch on/off perfectly quiet. Is there an easy solution to this?

Thanks in advance for weighing in... As I said, I can really see myself having alot of fun with this pedal IF I can workthrough these two things. Really hoping it's possible.

PS: If it helps, here's my current chain:

Budda Wah > TC Polytune > FullDrive II 20th Anniv. > Twin Bender (MK I.V and MK II Pro) > Boss DD-20 w/ Tap Tempo switch OR Strymon Timeline > Neunaber Wet V3 > MY AMP: 25th Anniversary Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 112 (has a BEAUTIFUL clean channel AND a fantastic gain section, which is why no hi-gain distortion on the board).

* Run off of a Voodoo PP2+
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When using the looper, you need to have the effect level all the way up otherwise you will experience the volume drop on the repeat.

As far as your buffer issue, I don't have a fix for you. Most of my pedals are buffered so I'm not having similar issues. Sorry.


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re: the popping. Try turning your tb pedals on/off several times. That usually does it for me.

Regarding the DD-20 buffer. I really liked the layout and usability of that pedal - like you said "workhorse", but also laid out very well for gigging situations. That said, the buffer in mine just sucked a little bit of high end off the top compared to a DD-7. ymmv.


For the buffer - try placing another buffer at the beginning of you chain, maybe something cheap like the T1M buffer?

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