Boss DS-1X Distortion Demo!

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    Episode 47: Boss DS-1X Distortion

    Ok, so we are on a distortion kick over at the Boss Pedal Project! I figure, I might as well knock out some of these newer pedals while they are still 'new'.

    So, the DS-1X is a newly re-designed Boss DS-1. This is actually a digital pedal, just like the other 'X' series pedals I suppose. But, it doesn't really sound or feel digital to me. The controls are the same as the DS-1, except that the tone knob is replaced by High and Low knobs. This makes the EQ much more flexible.

    I was pretty shocked to hear the distortion range of the DS-1x. I could get a nice crunchy AC/DC sound, all the way up to very high gain. That makes this pedal pretty versatile. It worked great in front of both the clean and dirty inputs on the Marshall 2203.

    With the low input, I turned the level up a bit for unity gain. I found the 12:00 setting across the board to be a little dark, so I would suggest ticking the high knob up a little closer to 3:00. My favorite setting was Distortion at around 3:00 and High at around 2:00.

    On the Marshall's High input setting, I preferred to keep the Distortion at 9:00. Anything higher was a little overkill for me. I also liked the High and Low knobs at around 2:00.

    Overall, this is a very cool pedal. I think I prefer it to the original DS-1, but a proper shootout is probably in order :).

    -Cameron Johnson

    Music by Atma Weapon

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    That actually sounds pretty good. A shootout with the original would be great.

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