Boss DS-1x


i might be late to the party on this but I just got this pedal and I'm completely blown away by it. I've always liked the potential of the ds1 but I could never make it work for me. To tinny and buzzing bee sounding for me. Well I tried this pedal out and I can't stop raving about it. For a vintage to modern distortion sound this pedal covers it. And the articulation of individual notes, no matter how high the gain is set, is really amazing sounding.

It cleans up beautifully with the volume knob or pedal. We practiced lights by journey and the loan gain setting gives great mild breakup with the volume low and then roll it up for the solo, I was in heaven. It sounds great running through either my vox ac 15 or 30, marshal jcm 900 combo, and running direct with a tech 21 character pedal.

I haven't been this happy with a pedal in years.

Does anyone know if this technology has been put into any of Boss's multi effects pedals yet?


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I haven't seen any multi effets with it yet, but I tried the DA-2 a while back and really liked it. I think they are really moving in the right direction with this whole MDP thing.

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