Boss ES-8 Buffer questions!


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hey y'all!

I'm just wondering about how the buffer in the ES-8 (or any buffer) interacts with certain things...

I have my wah first, then from there it's IN to the ES-8.

Loop 1 has buffer sensitive items: Fulltone MDV-1, Fulltone '70 Fuzz, Fulltone Octafuzz. Any patch I make with Loop 1 ON has the Input buffer turned OFF and the Output buffer turned ON. Otherwise, any patch that doesn't use Loop 1 has both buffers on.

Unfortunately, my Ernie Ball VP Jr. 25k is later in line and even with any pedals on in Loop 1 and the Input buffer turned OFF, Output buffer turned ON, the overall level drops a bit. I assumed having a pedal on would essentially be buffering my signal? With both buffers on, everything is good. If the Input buffer is OFF and the Volume loop is OFF, everything is good. But I'd like to have my volume pedal available at all times.

Does the 25k volume pedal need to have the input buffer on at all times or might a cable be bad or...? I checked everything with my trusty cable tester and all cables are good! I assumed a pedal or two in Loop 1 turned on would provide buffering for the volume pedal.

Any ideas?


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