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    Episode 49: Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/ Booster

    The FB-2 is yet another Boss pedal I never knew existed until I started this journey. It's the natural evolution of the DF-2, but with some upgrades and a different sort of application.

    The Boss DF-2 Super Distortion/ Feedbacker, was a distortion pedal with a feedback function. In order to create the feedback, it would detect the note you were playing and emit a signal an octave higher. It worked pretty well, but not great. Especially if you muted the strings, since the synthy sounding octave singal would be by itself. The FB-2 uses some other sort of other technology to create a much more 'real' sounding feedback. I've done some research, but I still don't know exactly how it does it. Oh well, it works! You can adjust the intensity of feedback with the Feedback knob. I typically like it cranked or at 3:00.

    Aside from the feedback function, the other main difference is that the FB-2 is a Boost pedal, not a distortion pedal. I'm talking clean transparent boost. You can color the tone in two ways with the FB-2. There is a Tone knob, but also a Mid Character knob to tune the mids to taste. To my ears, anything above 9:00 seems a little extreme.

    In order to engage the feedback function, you hold the footswitch down until the LED blinks. When it does, it's in 'Feedback Mode'. As soon as you let up on the footswitch, the pedal stops the feedback. You can either just sustain a chord, or you can do a faux EBow thing and actually play some individual notes. The only issue with that approach, is that the tone shifts and becomes really middy to accentuate the feedback.

    The Boost Level knob controls the amount of boost. This is not a high gain pedal, and it's really a true 'boost'. With the Boost level knob cranked, I could get to AC/DC territory on the Low input of my Marshall 2203. On the High input, you can really dial in a nice amount of gain. This is a great pedal for boosting a Marshall!

    Overall, the FB-2 Feedbacker /Booster is a very neat entry into the Boss line. I never hear about it, so I think it's a bit of a sleeper. I'd recommend it!

    -Cameron Johnson

    Music by Atma Weapon
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