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Boss Footswitch woes


My BF-2 had a dodgy footswitch so I replaced it with one from a well known online store, but I don't think it's an official Boss one. A couple years later it's dodgy too, have to click it several times for the light to stay on or go off. Contact cleaner, as with the old switch, helps for a short time, like, until it dries, not very useful. Are the replacement ones sold by parts stores inferior-does anyone sell actual Boss ones? The replacements are only $2.50 from stores, it's more about having to go through the repair only to have it work for a short time.

edit: not trying to by cryptic with where I got it, but I can't remember for sure. I know tubesandmore has them for $2.50, does anyone have experience with these? Is there another problem that could be causing these issues?
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Is there another problem that could be causing these issues?
Since this is not a 3pdt footswitch some extra components are involved. You can try to replace some of the electrolytic capacitors if the problem seems to persist despite of changing the footswitch. Check to see if there is an obviously faulty one (leakage e.t.c.) or any other problem with the other components.
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I have replaced them with standard 3PDT footswitches. You have to drill through the enclosure and it looks weird, but it works.

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