Boss GT-5 - What MIDI controlled fx unit in loop?


I'm pretty happy with my Boss GT-5, however, I'd like to put a small MIDI controllable multi fx unit into the loop of the Boss.

It would be cool to have some more realistic crunch and solo tone options, as well as maybe a Rotary effect and 10 band graphic eq. Oh yeah, it should be about $100 or so.

Today I tried out a Vox Tonelab tabletop unit direct into a small Fender champ - I must have doing something wrong because it was pretty brittle sounding.

I also tried a Magic Stomp MKII - but one of the foot switches was shoddy. (yes, I know - not MIDI, but it has the Yamaha DG 1000 models).

If I can't find a MIDI multi fx unit, I would settle for a ToneBone Tri Mode type dirt box, or a PlimSoul or something of that nature.

A good tubey Marshall crunch, and a singing darker solo tone are really my primary objectives.

Any suggestions?

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