Boss GT100 MIDI question

In Manual Mode where the effects can be individually controlled, each of 8 knobs selects the function or effect to be controlled by the corresponding footswitch (e.g. choose Footswitch 1 to control Chorus). One of these "effects" in the menu is simply called "Midi", but I can't figure out what exactly this is for. The manual didn't say, the system menu that assigns CC numbers (not to be confused with values) doesn't seem to have an assignment to this "effect", there is no MIDI effects unit visible in the programmable signal chain. Does anyone know where this is mapped?

I don't have a way to monitor the outgoing MIDI message but my downstream device (amp) detects activity when the MIDI-selected footswitch. I can take pictures later if my description isn't clear.
Note in the picture below, above Dial # 2 "bank up" in the display window says MIDI. The solid horizontal bars above each box means the effect is currently toggled on.

What MIDI messages come from this start/stop, PC, CC, other? Also can this be configured, and if so which menu?



The Midi start/stop message sends just that, Midi start, and toggles midi stop for external midi sequencers to start and stop.
Settings in the system menu allow for Program Change send on/off, and cc# settings for each assignable pedal.
So one pedal can send up to 3 different/concurrent midi messages.
Here's what I found on the official MIDI site's specs that seem to be the closest description to what you described. I believe this is what the MIDI selection in Manual mode is for. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

System Real-Time Messages
11111000 Timing Clock. Sent 24 times per quarter note when synchronization is required (see text).
11111001 Undefined. (Reserved)
11111010 Start. Start the current sequence playing. (This message will be followed with Timing Clocks).
11111011 Continue. Continue at the point the sequence was Stopped.
11111100 Stop. Stop the current sequence.

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