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Boss IR-200 Amp & Cabinet


  • NATURAL An unembellished, clean sound that minimizes the amp’s idiosyncrasies, such as its trebly character and boomy low end.
  • JC-120 This models the sound of the Roland JC-120.
  • TWIN COMBO This models a Fender Twin Reverb.
  • DIAMOND AMP This models a VOX AC30.
  • TWEED COMBO This models a Fender Bassman 4 x 10” Combo.
  • X-HI GAIN A model that uses BOSS’s unique MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technology for a high-gain sound with a wide-ranged, comfortable sense of separation.
  • BRITISH STACK This models a Marshall 1959.
  • BGR UB METAL This models the sound that models the high-gain channel of a Bogner Uberschall.

bass amps:
natural, x-drive bass, concert (models the Ampeg SVT)


Interesting! Hope it takes pedals well then it´s a great competitor to iridium and walrus acs1.

It sounds like they stepped up when it comes to modeling. It sounds really good. Not like the actual amps though but that always seems to be the case with Boss amp modeling.


Silver Supporting Member
Looks great, I would give t a try if I were building a small pedalboard.

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