BOSS Katana 100 on it's own

Just before I make a final (HA!!!) decision, how many of you guys run the BOSS Katana on its own, for all your effects? I'm looking at the mkII.

I only play at home (I know the BOSS can get loud), but I want to just use the BOSS with a Ditto X2 in the fx loop (hence the 100, not the 50) and the BOSS footswitch to change channels - simpler than all the cabling that goes with a multi-effects, looper and powered speakers (which I'm getting tired of, tonally... looking forward to having a big speaker back in the room).

Seems easier to set up a few different tones (all I need) on the Katana, than being sidetracked by a load of pedals with a zillion effects that I'll never use.

Bit of a limp thread I'm afraid, but analysis-paralysis is setting in and I need a final push.
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Yep at rehearsal at home. GA-FC. Even without diving into the software the default selection of onboard fx is more than good enough. If you want to dig something else out then there is plenty available in the editor.

I mentioned this in the main thread a few days back but I built 4 new patches out of the box as it were without using the editor or even thinking about the fx. Just got tones on what sounded good. Used them in rehearsal last night and they were just great. Used the green reverb, the red od and green delay. Yep all good. Used the variation amp type on all patches btw.

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