Boss Katana 50W, 100W, Head, or Artist for recording


Hey Katana owners, I am about to pull the trigger on one of these models. I want something easy to dial in to record to Logic without tearing down the walls. I want to pick your brain:

  1. What is your experience?
  2. Is the low output volume on the Rec Out still an issue? Does it record well?
  3. How easy is it to dial in usable sounds?
  4. Do you prefer the 100W over the 50W? The Artist 100W over both, or the 100W head?
  5. Is the 100W head speaker any good?
  6. Does anybody use the loop? (I have an SA Collider I really like)
Any other useful information/experience is much appreciated!


I had a Katana 100w head.
If you only need to record direct, i'd definitely prefer an Atomic Amplifire/AmplifireBox.

The head speaker: i thought it was pretty useless. Not inspiring/fun to play. Not at all like a Yamaha THR10. At all. I tried it for a few minutes when i first got the head, and then never had any interest in it again. It'll do in a pinch, i suppose. But, i don't think you should buy the head for that reason.

I did use the head's loop, but only to amplify a modeler. It seemed fine. Not noisy or anything, if that's what you're concerned about.


I didn’t like the amp to begin with, but for recording most defenitely you are better of with any of the dedicated modelers...boss gt1/mooer 150 and up to the usual suspects.


I love my MKI Katana head but that being said there are way better options for recording only, if you have 350 bucks to spend. You could find a used Helix Stomp or Headrush Gig board for close to that price. Those are just 2. Matter of fact I even prefer my ZOOM G3 for recording than the Katana.

My number one choice for recording only though would be Amplitube 4. Pretty sure you can get it for like 200 bucks. Though if you want more than a few amps you have to buy extra modules.

Katana is a great live amp but if I were to record it I would use a 57 on the edge and some type of condenser back about a foot or so dead center. Depending on you speaker I guess. I would not bother going direct or using the USB for recording.

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