Boss Katana in Tweed Cabinet


So I posted this over at the Facebook Katana Amps group and they all seemed to like it so I figured TGP was a good place to post it too:
Thought I'd share this- my re-cased Boss Katana 100 combo and head- now one in a 1x12 Tweed cabinet and one in a 1x15 cabinet. I LOVE this amp- very gig worthy at the right volume and no pedals!

Since I received so many positive comments (thanks all!) and questions I'll answer them here at the top of the post- it's tough to read through the whole thread- the cabinets were ordered through Andrew Simmons at MojoTone (their crew is great!). Both are their standard Fender Tweed offerings- but with a cutout for the chassis that fits the Katana instead Finished Cabinet Dimensions the 1x15: (H) 21" x (W) 22-1/2" x (D) 10 3/8"

Chassis Cut opening: 15" Wide by 2 1/4D - **note, the top back panel will have an H shape cut out... start H cut out 4 1/2 from the top of back panel.Back Panel Hardware: Threaded inserts with machine screws and decorative washers

Speaker Size and Location: 1X15 offset to the lower right when viewing from rear

Tolex: Tweed with olive stripe

Grill Cloth: Oxblood with Gold Stripe Cloth

Handle: Raised Brown Leather Handle

Feet: Chrome Glide Feet

Make sure you understand this- the tweed arrives with a brand new finish- no lacquer whatsoever- it looks new too. I then applied Zinnser Amber Shellac with a good brush on the entire empty cabinet- about three coats gave it the right color- then I USED the cabinet multiple times a week- that's how it get's a more vintage patina- however you can use sandpaper to the same effect immediately after it's fully cured (about a week).

Also- I modded the lower back panel so I can set my small pedal board in there and only carry two things to a gig- it's a modest board with wah and tuner and sometimes a fuzz or other pedal not found already on the Katana- with velcro on the bottom and inside the amp so it doesn't rattle around- works really well for quick gigs!

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Everything is better in tweed. I rehoused a little Champion 20 in a tweed cab a few years back.


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