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    Episode 50: Boss OD-1x OverDrive

    The OD-1X is yet another pedal that Boss re-invented and re-imagined. It’s a digital pedal that doesn’t sound digital. It’s actually pretty cool. So let’s take a listen to this new classic.

    If you remember the OD-1, you know it only has 2 knobs. Along with Level and Drive, Boss added a very power EQ with Low and High knobs to the OD-1X. This is something the original OD-1 doesn’t have. I didn’t even bother turning the Low knob past noon for the demo, because it will add a ton of low end. This is great for really beefing up a small amp. The High knob sounds best a little above noon, depending on the amp. To get that ‘Marshall’ sound, you will need to turn up the highs just a bit.

    I actually preferred the gain to be below noon on the OD-1X. I really dug the drive sounds I was getting, especially on the Low Input of my Marshall. Very nice! They would sound great double-tracked on an album.

    The thing that stuck me about the OD-1X, is that it sounds pretty natural. I mentioned earlier that the pedal doesn’t sound ‘digital’. I think Boss is really starting to master their digital technology. There isn’t a whole lot else to say. If you ever wished your OD-1 had an active EQ, the OD-1x is your ticket to drive heaven!

    -Cameron Johnson

    Music by Atma Weapon


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