Boss Pedal Service?


Anyone ever sent a pedal back to Boss for service? My ol' trusty DD-20 is hissing regardless of power supply or cables, so it's either get it fixed or buy another.

How long would it take to get it back, assuming it's an easy fix?

What would the cost be?

Are there any other alternatives (besides buying a new pedal) that I should look at?

Thanks for the tips!

snow and steel

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I never have, but there is a guy I've worked with who did and they were very good about communication. They got it back to him in 3 weeks if I remember correctly, but that was years ago so they may be slower or faster these days.

his needed the switch replaced if I remember correctly.


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I once bought a broken RC-2 from a store here that has free/broken stuff by the front door. I took it home and couldn't figure it out. I sent it to Boss and two weeks later a new one arrived I the mail. Now, that item was so new at the time that they just assumed it was under warranty but my point is that the experience was painless. I think that if the item is not under warranty there is a flat repair fee.

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