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Boss Ph-3 - May I Take a Moment?


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I just got a Boss PH-3. Plugged it in and did Bowie 'Win.' I was a bit underthrilled. So I read a bit of disparate threads about it. Most poignant were from a bass forum. But I am sure there are people here much more versed in its use.

What I always wanted was just a shimmer of phase on the surface of my signal. I was really torn between getting this and a Phase 45 but I thought with the resonance and depth filters I could get a slight phasing maybe even better than from the one knobber MXR jobber.

Well, the tone cut out is pretty extreme on the 4 stage, and gets less on the higher stage phasings. I am guessing that it's because of -the phasing- of the signal through itself is slower on the lower stages. Is that right?

Or is tone cut extreme on this Boss pedal. I know alot of people hate Boss. But Boss is fairly standard for straight effects. I would prefer more exotic and eclectic boutique analog pedals, but I don't have the cash.

What settings do you use? If I turn the resonance off then the tone cut is not so impossible.

I am liking 8 stage, rate and depth at 3 or clock, res off. It's pretty good. Yeah! Fer sure.

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