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Boss RC-1 or RC-2 , which one do I want ?


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Been using the looper on my DD7, but thinking I'd love to save some recordings to practice my lead guitar.

Both seem to be in the same price ballpark in the used market ... and the RC-1 looks so much easier .... is the RC-2 much more complicated to use, and does it add that much more functionality for just saving some guitar phrases ?

Thanks in advance .


I had the RC-2. It wasn't particularly complicated to use. I leant it to a blind friend, who had a harder time with it (for obvious reasons).

That said, I ended up selling it plus my Digitech Trio, and replaced them both with the Digitech Trio+. If you want to lay down some tracks to jam along with, that's the way to go these days, IMO. OTOH, if you want to use it just for the looping stuff (i.e. no interest in the automated bass/drum stuff), then just get you a looper. Or if you want to record guitar phrases, why not just record into a computer or mobile device?



If you're looking to save recordings, forget the RC1. I'm not sure if you can "save" a loop, but you only get 1 loop to use. If you want to play a different song/loop, you have to delete the previous one. The RC2 is a little better, but you only get 16 mins of loop time and 11 slots to save them in. The RC3 has 3 hours of loop time with 99 slots. The rc2 has better drums, but that's negeligible since both are pretty crappy. The TRIO+ is the most versatile, but also way more then even the RC3.


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I've got a Ditto and an RC-2. I like the RC-2 more, but the Ditto is really nice for a small footprint.

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