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boss rc-20 looper...and timing...

Ive been trying to play along to cd's with this loop unit...making rhythm tracks on the fly as I play...but my timing (turning the pedal on at the beginiing, off at the end of the track) is off...I cant seem to get it right

those of you who use this live and record/playback loops on the fly...how do you get the timing down...any secrets or just try and try and try until you eventually get it right?


Some units have a quantize function to assist with this process I think.

jb's 52

Count by tapping/stomping your feet on each beat.
For example, your rhythm goes 1-&-2-&-3-&-4-&.
Tap on the 1-2-3-4's.

When you are ready to stop playing your progression and start
the loop (while tapping out 1-2-3-4), hit the loop pedal exactly on
"1." This will effectively cut your playing/recording and start the loop. I
will often times play with the loop just to make sure it's right.

Good luck!

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