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Boss RC-3 Looper Ability Question


Trying to understand the limitations of a looper. Can I do this with the RC-3?

-Record a bass track with, say compression.

-Overdub a rhythm track using, say, reverb.

-Play that backing track over and over while improvising with, say distortion?

Would the lead also have the compression or reverb in it?

Would the backing track get the distortion from the lead improv?

I guess what I'm asking is- are any effects used on any of the tracks (or what you're playing over them) carried over to the other tracks? If so, can you record a backing track and loop it over through one amp and play along with it using a different amp?


Well basically anything you put before your looper stays on the loop when you record it, anything you put after the looper affects all of the loops coming out of the looper.


as long as you put the rc3 last in chain you can record all your separate overdubs with different effects and you'll have no problem, you'll only have trouble if you're using effects after the rc3.
Yes,yes you can. That's exactly the idea.

All you have to do is keep your looper at the very end of your signal chain and keep everything else in front of it. If you are using anything from the amp,keep it in the loop. You will not be able to "isolate" in a loop only what comes after your looper (for example amp's reverb or tremolo).

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