Boss RC30 Looper Firmware 1.50?


I just bought RC 30 from Amazon (June 2015) and I went to the Boss site to see about a firmware update. But when i went thru the steps to see the current firmware version of the RC30 it is showing me 1.50. This is super weird since the latest on the site is 1.40. Can anyone who recently purchased this item have the same firmware? Was there a new firmware that shipped with the units bought this year that hasn't made it to the Boss site? I can´t find documentation on this 1.50 firmware. LoL, I don't want to downgrade and mess something up. Thank you for your time.


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The latest is 1.60. v1.50 was only for a different hardware revision (same as 1.40 otherwise) and it was never released in public.

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