Sold Boss RV3 delay/reverb, works but needs repair $60 OBO


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the pedal is in okay cosmetic condition - nothing major, just scratches and dents here and there. it's been one of my most-used pedals over the years but ive replaced it with other effects that better suit my needs. about 8 years ago, the switch broke so i cannibalized a ds1 for its switch and just kinda slapped it together with some electrical tape and elbow grease and it's worked all this time. in the process of my "repair" though, the LED was damaged, the battery terminal was lost, and the pedal is in the ON position by default. the switch does work though, i just must have wired it backwards. it's an easy project for someone with the right parts/tools, but that someone is not me. PM me your email and i'll be happy to send some pics.

i'd like to trade + cash for a dm2 style analog delay, so let's see what you got. otherwise, 60 shipped and PP or OBO

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