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Does anybody use their SD-1 stock? I've got one lying around that I want to put to use; last time I used it a few months ago with a band, it seemed a bit thin. Just wondering if I should give it another go as is or make some changes. Analog Man, others will mod to TS9 specs, but I've got that sound covered with Full-Drives and TS9s.


I recentrly switched from a stock SD1 to an OD3.
I use a stock TS9 japan too, and having two mid humps whilst playing through an AC30 was a bit too much....
I got the OD3 because it seems to be a reflection on what's happening on the booteek market, and it's much more transparent and smoother than the classic SD1.
There are many great mods for the SD1 though....


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I've had the stock version, the Analogman Silver modded version, and the Monte Allums mod. The stock version is shite, harsh and splatty. The Analogman is excellent, if a bit expensive, but it seemed a bit dark to me. He can also keep the asymetrical clipping, which will preserve the character of the boss od. The Allums mod is my favorite, and it's only $20, but you've got to do it yourself, and if you are clumsy, you could destroy the pedal.


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I have a stock SD-1, a Keeley SD-1, and a FD2. The Keeley SD-1 is indistiguishable from the FD2 IMO (Vintage Mode). Plus, the FD2 also has FM & Comp-cut. If you have an FD-2 (which is a clone of the SD-1, not TS), there's no need to spend $$ on modding the SD-1- that's what the FD2 IS.


I have the Keeley modded SD-1 and I like it pretty well, although other things have recently bumped it out of my current rig. Putting a stock SD-1 next to it, I found the stock pedal to be brittle and buzzy through my Fender, Holland and Carvin X Amps. I modded a couple of the SD-1's myself and had some pretty decent results, but still liked the Keeley mod the best of them all. If you have halfway decent soldering skills, you can easily mod one of these yourself. :AOK


If you're handy with a soldering iron I can tell you how to fatten it up for about $2 at radio shack :RoCkIn


Just had the Keeley Stacked Mod done to my SD-1 and it's sounds great. Better bass and gain. 80 bucks was worth it.

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Any info on the removal of the C6 capacitor? I heard from several people that just removing C6 is a great mod.

Removing this capacitor allows more highs to pass - whatever high freqs were naturally present, none of them will be shunted to ground if you remove this cap.
I bought the stock sd-1 and it sounded like complete ****...but then I did the semi-electronics mod on it (painted it and gave it a fancy boutique-ish name) and it did wonders...sounds awesome!!! ;)

I bought another one, but I want to do the mod to turn it into a phaser!!


I've got the AM Silver mod SD-1 with the push-pull clipping. I find the Asym much better than Sym. The Sym seems rather generic. Asym has more personality - i.e. about a 1/4 more volume as in 9:00 on Asym is like 11:00 on Sym and a bit more dirt/gain. anyway, I love the pedal. Got mine for $75 - totally worth it. Much more usable for me than the AM TS-9 Classic Mod which was too harsh for my setup.

I'm very curious about the Monte mod with the two switches.


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Had a stock new SD-1 and it was a bit thin.
I did the Monte Allums $20 upgrade kit, and while it was fun, it was still a bit thin. I would look elsewhere for your overdrive needs, as there is so much out there. I'm sure there is a kid somewhere who would benefit from your boss pedal hand-me-downs.


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I just bought one on a whim and while I only spent time with it yesterday, it was a lot of fun... definitely took some tweaking to dial everything in together, but hey... for $35 (J&R Music), it's a keeper that I don't mind messing with.

I definitely hear the difference that asymmetrical clipping makes, and I like it a lot. I'll admit that many of my own sonic tastes seem to run counter to exoert opinion, but that usually just means I get off cheap. Enjoy.

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