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Episode 33: Boss SG-1 Slow Gear

The Boss SG-1 Slow Gear is without a doubt, the most finicky pedal I've ever played. In order to get the most out of it, you have to alter your playing. It's the type of pedal that has a very specific use, and it's probably not something that will live on your pedal board. It's more of a 'keep on the shelf' pedal for recording, or those times when you want to use it for fun.

Ok, so the Slow Gear is basically like an automatic volume knob for your guitar. When you play a note that falls below the threshold set by the Sensitivity knob, the pick attack is removed and you are left with an almost 'horn-like' aesthetic. The attack knob controls how long that swell is.

In my experience with the pedal, the knobs are very interactive, so you have to essentially find the sweet spot. That's why I only used one setting for this demo. You also have to adjust your right hand and play a little softer than you would normally. In retrospect, I think using a compressor in front of the SG-1 would help tremendously. The downfall of the pedal for me, is making sure not to pick too hard.

To be absolutely honest, I was a little disappointed with the Slow Gear. And not because I don't like the effect. Well, it's hard to live up the hype and crazy price tag, but I was expecting a little more in terms of flexibility. There are a bunch of clones out there, and I actually own the Guyatone Slow Volume. I need to break that one out and compare the two. If I weren't collecting, I'd buy a clone for this one. The price of admission is just too high.

-Cameron Johnson

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