Boss SG-1 - Slow Gear - Review, Thoughts and Video Footage...

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  1. Kayzer

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    Feb 8, 2008
    Hamburg - Germany
    Some of you might have already seen my SG-1 footage, i have some spare time so i thought it would be kind to share a few thoughts on this pedal since footage and demos are pretty sparse…

    Got this nearly mint SG-1 as part of a cool trade and i guess i would have not dropped 200+ for this pedal at the bay cause its "just" a Boss and more of a collectors item…

    I had a Guyatone Slow Volume at one point (i guess 2 years ago) and ditched it pretty quick cause it was a disgustingly ugly pedal (yeah thats pedal snobbery…)

    I also had the Pigtronix Philosophers King which i will probably get again at some point cause it was great and also doin alot more than the SG-1 by Boss…

    The Boss SG-1 is not doin much and more like a one trick pony, it does fast violin style volume swells and thats it!
    The controlls are not effecting the effect alot, you can go from very quick swells to quick swells and thats it.
    Unfortunately i havent found a setting for longer volume swells otherwise it would be perfect!
    Many settings lead to no effective sounds at all and just leaving your signal as it is or blending it out completely…

    Still a fun box with mojoz and from the estetic point of view the most bad ass looking boss pedal ever.

    I will probably keep it since its footprint is alot smaller than the big philosophers king and it pairs very nice with other pedals especially the Hexe Melusine (blends out the always present crackle) and the octasynth (makes the already awesome synth sounds even more awesome…)

    here is some video footage, the first (main) demo is pretty much showing everything the SG-1 can do, the other ones with Hexe Melusine, Octasynth and Space are more playful...


  2. sleepyone

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    Nov 11, 2009
    Cool insights, thx for sharing

    Have you tried it with low output gear? Meaning single coils or standard tuned guitars, for example

    I've noticed that your playing style, guitars and tuning preferences always deliver a significant output to the pedals you are using/demoing, which is not a bad thing per se, but if definitely affects the way some gear behaves

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