Boss ST-2 Power Stack review!


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Episode 32: Boss ST-2 Power Stack

This video was plagued with all type of technical problems, so pardon the wait! The Power stack is this week's pedal of review.

The ST-2 is a proclaimed 'Marshall stack in a box'. Having tried just about every one of Boss's dirt offerings, I'm not totally sure how I feel about this one. It does work pretty well for the most part. In a mix, it would probably sound pretty huge. There is just something that's almost congested in the midrange. And because there is no mids knob, I couldn't really dial it out.

I was, however, pretty impressed with the range of tones I could get rom the ST-2. The Sound (gain) knob is pretty powerful, and I could get a super high gain tone when I maxed it. If I were to use this in front of a clean amp, the Sound knob would probably live at around 3:00. And yes, I think this pedal works best in front of a clean amp. You can use this to boost a dirty amp, but you'd want to keep the sound knob at 12:00 or lower.

The only other issue I found, was that there was a ton of bass. You could run it with the bass almost off, and it would clean up a lot of the low mid congestion. Just an idea.

So how does the ST-2 Power Stack 'stack up'? Well, it isn't my favorite pedal, but I was somewhat pleased by the high gain tones it puts forth. Recommended for a clean amp. In a pinch, it would do great as a second high gain channel.

-Cameron Johnson

Music by Atma Weapon


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