BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer


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I have only one thing to say about this SY1 demo from Boss.
Bill Ruppert rules.
Boss is miles, miles away from EHX in terms of presentations of this kind of pedals.
Bill is unbeatable.
Bill Ruppert used to do demos for Roland / Boss, but I'm not sure if they were "official" videos or not. I'd love to get copies of his VG-99 demos because I didn't actually download them when I saw them and now they are nowhere to be found. : (
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yeah I got to play with an SY-300 shortly after they came out for about 15 minutes or so...and I can still remember how awesome it was! I don't see myself being able to hold out more than a couple months before I'm buying one of these...


I wish you could the EHX sounds in Boss SY-1 form factor. I just find the Boss synth sounds so thin, digital, and sterile. The EHX just sounds so much better. But, Boss did great with form factor and size on this one.
I would have thought most people would find the Boss better sounding that the EHX-9 pedals. I’d like Boss to make something like the Mel-9 with more realistic strings, cello and brass next.


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I wish you could the EHX sounds in Boss SY-1 form factor. I just find the Boss synth sounds so thin, digital, and sterile. The EHX just sounds so much better. But, Boss did great with form factor and size on this one.
I've owned every EHX 9 pedal and couldn't disagree more. The SY-300 (and from what it looks like the SY-1) doesn't do some of the sounds that the EHX 9 series does. But that goes both ways - there's plenty you can do with the SY that you can't get from the EHX 9 stuff. In terms of straight up synth stuff, the EHX Synth9 is a joke compared to the SY-300 (and likely the SY-1 from the demos so far). The C9/B9/Key9 are pretty good but there is a sameness to all of the settings after a while and you can get very respectable organ sounds from the SY. The only EHX I ended up keeping is the Key 9 - the SY can't do the Rhodes type of attack like the Key9.


Blah... nothing new really. All they did was take the same sounds from their BOSS SY-300 unit that came out in 2015, and put some of it in a smaller box. They'll never update it either like they didn't the BOSS SY-300 which is what they should have been doing!
The size and the price make it a lot more likely to be purchased than the SY-300. I can see why you would not be impressed if already a SY-300 owner but for the average player I think this looks like it has potential.

Cool. A smaller take in the SY series. That’s neat.

Surprised there’s no stereo out at the very least. And a missed opportunity for CV/gate. Makes this more niche than it already would’ve been.
I could have done without the crazy, dramatic lighting and it would be great to hear the effect without the distraction of the backing track(s).

Is CV an input for an expression pedal?

Overall this looks like a better choice than either of the EHX synth pedals. I had my sights on the monosynth (which is cheaper), but now this...


How is this different from the Dirty Robot (Digitech)? I love Boss compact units but since I've already got the DR, I don't know if 'need' the SY-1.


Neat technological achievement. And fun to play with for an hour or two I expect. But I don't hear many sounds that I'd pay to listen to. A lot of it sounds like Rick Wakeman or some other horrible prog rock in a box ... bleech.

If someone figures out how to make interesting sounds with it that Eno et al. haven't done before then ... maybe.


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god that video is horrendous.
does Boss not know it's not 1987 anymore?
Batman camera angles, 'retro' drum machine tracks, headless guitar, DMX LED light bars.
Porsche? Leather jacket? Sunglasses? Check, check, check.
2 octave swept arpeggios? You got it buddy!
Women dancing in leather with swords? MISSING! ...get Quentin on the phone.

Showing up to a jam with a SY-1.
Thoughts and prayers.


Id like to see a comparison video of Rocklin with his highly produced sweep arpegio synth video then TGP average joe plugging in the the sy1 at home making robot fart noises.
I can guarantee that the sy-1 was most likely turned down in the mix along with a original guitar wet track mixed in, because that is exactly what it sounded like. More false advertising by BOSS... Yes it tracks well I'm sure, just like the boss sy-300... but do that with original 100% sy-1 signal and it would be a different story. And who is Mcrocking or whatever? Never even heard of him?


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RC-10R will be a winner
I agree. I seriously put my original Marshall Blues Breaker up for sale just last night to buy this pedal in August!

(yea I in a classic pedal for a new thing) But it's like $300...the price of my Blues Breaker. I also want the synth!

Go Boss!! (gotta find space on my board now somehow)