Boss TU-2 Vs Peterson Strobostomp



I would like to know who's of this two tuner are the best and the more easy to use, with a REAL true bypass ( espicially for the Peterson )



I used to have TU-2's on my pedalboards, and now have Strobostomps. True bypass, incredibly accurate, and the tempered guitar setting really sweetens the sound. HIGHLY recommended! :D


The Strobstomp is better in every way, in fact it's the best portable tuner you can buy.

El Jimbo

I have found the Strobo much better at tracking and holding notes than the TU-2. It also strikes me as being a hell of a lot more sensitive and thus accurate. Despite that, I found it easier to tune with. It's also more reliable as the TU-2s I had which both went haywire on a regular basis.

The extra options like the sweetening are also excellent.

Satan only knows why so many twits at HC give the TU-2 perfect 10's...not even close.


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The strobe simulation is just a better technology-much quicker to respond to changes in tuning and possible by watching the movement of adjacent bars to get accurate tuning quicker...


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The Tu2 - I'd rather tune by ear. Inaccurate and inconsistent from one to another.

The Peterson is the best, but I get by with my Korg DT7 just fine.

Scott Peterson

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That's like a pea shooter vs. a .57 Magnum.

No contest.

Peterson (no relation!) made a better mousetrap. In every way.


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The StroboStomp is easier to see in daylight, easier to use, and 30 times as accurate as the TU-2.


I have them both.. the Strobostomp is a much better tuner, in all ways and especially during gigs. The guitar tempered setting is fast, clearly visible in all kinds of lighting and just out and out works great. If you can afford it, its the way to go if you need one for gigging purposes.



The TU-2 is not what I'd consider an accurate tuner.

Hit an open sixth string and tune it until the TU-2 said you've nailed down an 'E'.

Now do the same with the first string.

Now hit the 5th fret harmonic on the sixth string, followed by the open 1st string.

The two strings are not in tune!

I haven't tried the strobo, but I'd be shocked if it displayed these issues. Personally, I'm thinking of getting a tuning fork and just using my ears to stretch tune. :cool:

- DB


If you can hear 12 overtones at the same time, you might be able to tune by ear better than you can with a Strobostomp. I have both tuners mentioned and the Peterson is significantly better. I offer a slightly different feeling on it though. Since the TU-2 is less accurate and doesn't "hear" as much info as the Strobostomp, I take longer to tune. Which makes it a more difficult tuner live, especially when you're tuning in a fast past gig. BUT, I'm rewarded with a much better tuned instrument. Maybe tonight, I’ll do a controlled experiment with both tuners in line.

Using the Buzz system and this tuner is like night and day to my old method. I promise, it's not a placebo, the Strobostomp is much better.


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Needles and blinking lights seem like a cruel joke now after switching to the Peterson Virtual Strobe technology.

And I can tune up way faster with my Strobostomp, period.


A tuner getting this kind of hype is pretty exceptional. That's because the Strobo is, indeed, exceptional. After I saw a friend tune with it I was sold.

Even with accuracy aside it's better because you don't have to hit the string 18 times just to get the unit to track it long enough to get in tune. Once and you're done. And once you've got it locked in it will let you know... none of that bouncing around crap like all other tuners with LEDs and needles.

And if you need true bypass you'd have to buy a loop or A/B box anyway if you bought the TU-2 or other non-Strobo unit. You kinda get what you pay for in this case.


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Originally posted by John Phillips
How big is the Strobostomp?

It looks a little larger than the TU-2 - can anyone give me exact measurements?

5in D x 4in W x 2.25in H. Great tuner.


Re: Strobostomp

I have many Boss tuners, from the handheld TU12s (probably owned at least ten of those over the years) and now my second TU2. In every instance, the input jack solder traces broke or had to be re-attached. This is a major pain, and caused the tuner to track erratically if at all, on top of the tracking inconcistancies inherent in the design to begin with.
I finally went to a Korg rackmount tuner, which I kept in a 2-space rack with a Furman. Worked fine. Looked ugly. More gear to schlep on the road.
Really wanted a true bypass tuner in pedal form. Heard the hype around the Peterson. Bought one.

Night and day. The best gear purchase I made this year. Not only does it track easily and accurately (esp. once you know how to tune properly with it - more in a sec), but my ears took a few minutes to get used to hearing my guitar in such good tune. Then (the deal sealer for me) I put a capo on at the first fret, reset the tuner to capo 1 step up, and it reads EADGBE and sounds like the guitar was set up for this, same with second fret capo - readjust and you're set. Same applies for detuning ala Eb.
Add the tempered tuning presets (to simulate some of the effect of a Feiten mod) and the actual Feiten presets if so inclined, true bypass, daytime bright display, etc...
We have a winner!
Downside? It does go through batteries much quicker, performance is noticeably affected when they go.

note: to tune properly with the Peterson (it's been mentioned before, but I'll save you searching), select your neck pickup on the guitar, roll the pickup's volume down about halfways, and roll any tone control off completely if available. Using your picking hand, lightly pluck the string to be tuned at the 12th fret as if you are playing bass with your index finger, muting the other strings with the rest of your palm/fingers. Pluck the note and let it ting a couple seconds, pluck again, etc. When the display settles, the string's in tune. Obviously, pull any slack from the string behind the nut (lift up lightly and tug a bit) and tune from flat up to pitch.


Originally posted by BFC
Needles and blinking lights seem like a cruel joke now after switching to the Peterson Virtual Strobe technology.

And I can tune up way faster with my Strobostomp, period.

Amen Brian! The Peterson VS-II is the ruling tuner of the Universe....I use mine all of the time in my business & with the band too. I bought the big one over the Strobostomp because it's really sturdy... it really looks like it means business.
God Bless Peterson Strobotuners. Nothing else even is close! My TU-12H and Korg DT-2 are collecting dust now. Worthless in my opinion now.


used a TU-2 for a long time and now have a strobo - -there's NO similarity.

The strobo kicks butt - -period.

Makes the Boss look "poor" in comparison.......harsh? Maybe but certainly "fair"


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