Bossa Rhythm for Guitar


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Hey everyone

Just wanted to pass along my new Guitar World lesson, looking at a basic Bossa rhythm for guitar.

Check it out, thanks!

Hey Matt …. love your teachings … this time however, I kinda have to take issue. Your instructions here will probably work just find as a soloist, but when playing with other musicians… this would be just too heavy handed and frequency thick to fit in correctly …

Have spent years playing with Brazilian musicians as I speak from experience …

However, maybe playing Bossa's as a solo are your intentions for this particular lesson…
If so, then just blow me off.

Oh, & don't get me wrong … I love your work … :)
Hey, yeah I felt like that when I first learned how to play Bossa. When I lived in Brazil I avoided playing the bass notes to note make it too heavy, but then bass players asked me to put it back in since they wanted me to keep the beat and them to have more movement in the lines. Might have been a regional thing.

If you want to make it lighter sounding you can always just take the bass notes out, I tend to just play them quieter than the chords so that they're there from a rhythmic standpoint but don't really get in the way melodically.

So if people are playing in a solo, duo or bassless trio then this rhythm works great, but if it's a bit too heavy for a group with bass, keeping the chords where they are and just leaving out the bass notes, or playing them quietly, would work well too I think.

Always cool to have alterations on any rhythmic pattern to fit different situations.

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