Bought an AMD A-6 based Laptop to replace-upgrade my older one


I have a Core2-duo based laptop (t-5400 I think). It has been rock solid for two or three years and I even don't mind Vista64 at all.
But I figured it was time to move on. I got the AMD machine because of the 17.3" screen and the the great video chip on die design. I knew full well the the Intel i series CPUs are faster at CPU stuff. My older laptop ran GR-4 Kontrol edition somewhat well but I needed to massage the drivers and tolerate some small latency to get it to not click and pop. My Amplitube-3 needed to be run at medium.
When I compared the CPU speed charts between the Intel i-series and the AMD Vision line it was clear that Intel still smokes AMD in that respect so I was a little concerened that I'd have the same issues. After installing the drivers for some of my various interfaces (UX2, Rig Kontrol, others I haven't installed yet) and loaded up both Amplitube3 and Guitar rig-4 I've found I had nothing to worry about. There is no perceptable latency and I was able to enable all the goodies with absolutely no problems. On my Older Intel laptp GR 4 would show over 50% CPU usage, With the AMD A-6 it shows 13% (I don't know if this means overall or a percentage of the whole capability or it is one of the four cores). I did immeadiately put 4 more gigs of ram in it to bring it up to 8 gig so mabye that helps.

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