Boutique Deluxe Reverbs ? ? ? ? ? ?


There seems to be allot of Boutique Amp builders cloning Marshall amps but are there any doing Fender Deluxe Reverbs or very similar amps?



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SF DRs are out there at prices cheap enough to pay for a BF conversion. I picked my 76 DR up a month ago, blackfaced by Allen Amps for $650. i couldn't be happier.


I gig all the time with one made by Clara Amplifiction, which is pretty highly regarded... The guy doesn't make very many though, so probably not as viable as some of the other names mentioned here :)


Tone King Meteor II Probably the best sounding BFDR I had.
Allen Accomplice my favorite of the all the BFDR clones that I've had.

Mitch Roberts

For crying out loud, Kevin, I sold you the best Vibrolux Reverb (SF '70) I ever had (I've had four) and you moved it on. Now you want a good DR? LOL

Of course, shame on me for selling that SFVR in the first place. I did recently find an '81 DR at Guitar Center for $599!!! '81 was the last year they made them handwired before coming out with the Deuxe Reverb II. After I tweaked it up and dialed it in, it's the best DR I've had, so I'm keeping it. They're out there, you just gotta be vigilant.

I agree on the Clark - absolutely perfectly executed Fender replicas, best on the market IMHO. Also check out Allen Amps. They make a fine DR type equivalent.



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Tone King Imperial - The rhythm channel is based off the DR and sounds absolutely stellar.

mad dog

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Seems I like DR inspired amps (or amps sort of in that zone) more than actual DRs. With the one exception of my buddy's BFDR, which is the best one I ever heard.

The Pure 64 is a brilliant take on that type of sound. One of the best clean sounds you'll ever hear. The Valvetech VAC 22 is another I can recommend highly. What a great sounding, versatile amp. Has a boost mode which I never use, preferring to jumper channels the old way. It's DR like, but better for what I do. The tone stack voicing and excellent MV make this a very flexible choice.


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My Divided by 13 SJT 10/20 is their take on both a tweed Deluxe and a BFDR all in one amp. I traded into it when I was trying to sell an amp that I was having trouble moving and had absolutely no idea what it was all about (I just figured that a /13 would be easier to sell) and when I plugged into it my jaw hit the floor. Honestly, the 10-watt class A tweed Deluxe setting sounds significantly better to my ears and I only switch over to class AB when I've needed more volume.

I've been playing on some way louder gigs lately and since I've gotten so completely sold on /13's sick sonics I went big and picked up a MUCH louder FTR 37 that I gigged w/ last night and, while it's not quite as sweet and, well, Deluxe-y as the SJT, it's just a preposterously amazing amp.

Anyway, I may be putting my SJT up for sale to pay for the FTR. I'm trying to sell some other stuff first, but I gotta do right by my wife or I'll enter that ill-advised too-much-gear-and-money-spent-on-gear zone and I REALLY don't want to do that.

Btw, I have a '66 BFDR w/ a Weber AlNiCo speaker that is an amp that my pro player friends drool over, but it absolutely can't hold a candle to the /13. Don't get me wrong: I really do love my Fender, but the size and depth of the sound (combined with the fact that it has never failed me, whereas my Deluxe has a gremlin or two that are fighting me and my tech off bravely) are really in a class all their own.

Joe Bob says "check it out."

Good luck with your grail quest.


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Tone King Imperial - The rhythm channel is based off the DR and sounds absolutely stellar.

I played one yesterday and, coincidentally, the amp sitting next to it was a BF DR, so I played it too. I would have to agree that the TKI is a fantastic amp. The cleans are just so so good.

Also, could the poster who paid Allen $650 to blackface an amp please provide some details about the work that was done? Two reasons why I ask = first, I like Allen amps and respect their work.
Second, I've never, ever, heard a "blackfaced" amp that actually came through with blackface tone. That being said, most of them have had very limited 'blackface' mods that cost under $100. Perhaps Allen has found a better recipe?

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