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Box of Metal vs. Body Rot vs. Black Star


Anyone have any experience with these pedals? Could you tell me how you like/dislike it? I am stuck deciding between the three. I want a more modern sound. Thanx, for any help.

1. ZVEX Box of Metal
2. Prone Tone Body Rot
3. Subdecay Black Star



Well I've never played the Black Star, but I have tried the other 2 and can comment on them.

The BOM - great high gain sounds. Bit too much for me, but I did think it could be very useful if you like that sort of thing. It has an almost fuzz-like character but more tight and focused than I generally consider a fuzz to be. Has a versatile EQ. It, IMO, isn't really for modern metal though - more metal is the 'traditional' sense, if there is such a thing.

The Body Rot - I don't usually like to slag off a pedal but man did this one suck, IMO. I did not like it at all. Horrible, shrill and for me, totally unusable. Just nasty and not in a good way. Also, the one I tried kept crapping out. To be fair, I never tried it with my rig - I played it for a while in a shop through a Fender Twin, which may not be the best amp for the job. Nevertheless, I didn't hear enough to make me want to take it home and try it on one of my amps.

Hopefully someone else will chime in.


bump..... Box of Metal vs Blackstar.

Big difference in price, I know. I could almost get a Blackstar AND a Fuzz Factory for the price of the B.O.M.


I have a vexter BOM and it is awesome.. a worthy addition to anyones pedal board. It is fierce. The built in noise gate is a great feature as well.

I think it has a very modern gain sound, but also a unique voice as well. Almost artificial in a way, very computer robot style gain if you want it to be.... does this make any sense?

Anyway, I like mine.


I have the Black Star and have played the Body Rot 2. The BS is smoother and at my favorite setting sounds very Marshall stack. I keep the tone all the way down. I think it brings in some artificial fizz when turned up. This pedal seems to morph into a fuzz when the gain knobs are cranked up. The BR2 sounds the most like a big fat Recto than any other pedal I've tried. I also have the 6 knob Tube Zone and while a lot of people say it sounds like a Recto, I think it doesn't quite have the grit and raspyness that a Recto has. The BR2 has it. Huge low end chunk, too. Very brutal sounding. I'd like to get one some day.

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