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Brad Paisley live


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Great book, love the story about how excited he was to pick up 2 vintage AC30's.
I saw him in concert a couple weeks ago. Never seen him live before, but now I'm a huge fan.


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My now wife bought us tickets to see him 2 years ago, great seats, and it was one of the best shows I"ve ever seen. Fantastic player, great band.....simply one of the best out there, IMO....


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Thanks for all the good recommendations--I'll pick up his book for sure.

The New Yorker also did a great profile on him; came out within the past year. He is by all accounts a great guy, and something of a prankster. And man, what a talent. Been playing my Tele non-stop since then...


And this years tour is a relatively low-key one for him. His shows are usually bigger affairs than what you saw.

Personally, when I saw him on this tour I was sitting right down wind from his row of Z's and was listening to HIS sound right from its source. Great stuff.

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