Brand new MIM std telecaster - which noisless pickups


Hope this totally telecaster related post is in the right place.

I realize you guys have a LOT of knowledge regarding teles - way more than me and I try to contribute my little bit of knowledge when I can. This time I need help in my quandrum.

I am considering having some noisless tele pickups installed in my new arctic white maple board Fender tele that comes with hot ceramic pickups. The hot ceramic pickups hum like a swamp full of mosquitoes in Minnesota during the peak of summer on a hot and humid summer night. Loud like TV static when no channel is tuned.

This outrageous hum is ONLY present thru a ULTRA high gain amp like my new Egnater Tweaker maxed out to full heavy metal gain. Humbucker guitars sing and squeal very plesantly at these settings, exhibiting all sorts of odd harmonics and distortion that sounds super cool for a lot of uses. Imagine a Marshal dual super lead cranked out to full distortion or another super high gain amp. The Tweaker is cool.

Well the Tweaker, after reading the manual, does a real good clean and quiet job with the telecaster when set up to USA and the gain turned all the way back. This, naturally takes away from some of the real fun of the Tweaker I must say. A strat fends fairly well in the noise cancelling positions and is definitely livable but not as awesome as a humbucker guitar like an Agile 3100 or a Michael Kelley Patriot Custom with Rockfield direct mount humbuckers. These babies produce pure heavenly tones that will transport you into dream land without hesitation.

So plugging the tele into the Tweaker set up for Cloud Nine resulted in a totally garbabe sound and was a bit disappointing. I should have known: single coils. To further worsen the scenario, the middle switch position isn't noise cancelling or it isn't noticeable at this level of overdrive.

This makes me want to put some real good noise cancelling pickups into my tele that will still retain the classic tele tone, within reasonable expectations.

The first to come to mind is the Fender Vintage Noisless Telecaster pickups set. These would satisfy me completely as far as I can tell on paper, but since I have only played a Fender Deluxe Stratocaster with Vintage Noisless pickups, which sounded super great, and I haven't played or heard a tele with the pickups in it, and have no idea how they would sound on a high gain amp.

The Fender Vintage Noisless pickups are single coils, I believe, just noise cancelling, not humbuckers as per dual magnets, side by side or stacked.

Seymour Duncan option:
Another definite option for me is the Seymour Duncan Hot Tele Stack bridge pickup with one blade that pairs up with the nickel plated covered stacked humbucker neck tele pickup. These pickups are true humbuckers and probably sound great. They probably do not sound as much like a telecaster traditional pickups as the Fender Vintage Noisless though.

So, my quandrum:

Do any of you guys have any suggestions or ideas as to how I should solve this pickup selection problem? I won't be able to hear a live Seymour Duncan rig and probably won't be able to find an old Fender tele with the Vintage Noisless pickups to listen to.

So I'm hoping that some of you guys have had some experience with one or the other of these, maybe both and might be able to suggest a great sounding noisless telecaster pickup set that retains some of the tele traditional sound.

I have more than one tele so I don't have to worry about being without the real telecaster sound. I can always plug in one of my real tele's.

What do you guys think would be a real good noisless tele pickup rig?

Do I need to get 1 meg potentiometers for the Vintage Noisless - I have been told no, that they are direct drop ins for the 250Kohm standard tone pots. Also for the SD Hot Stack and nickel covered stacked humbucker tele pickup kit - do I need to get potentiometers at a different value than 250Kohm? Also, what about capacitors or resistors?

Any help on this immediately upcoming project is greatly appreciated. Ultra high gain is fun!

Thanks in advance.
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I have a set of Wilde Bill Lawrence L280TN and L290TL and they are fantastic! Stock pots and cap.


I know you're asking about other pickups, but I hope you don't mind my suggestion.

I used to have a MIM standard tele (which I actually still miss) and I put in a set of Dimarzio Area Tele pickups. I installed them using the stock Fender wiring already in place, and it worked perfectly.

FWIW, Brad Paisely uses Dimarzio Areas in a few of his Teles. They mainting classic Tele tones without the noise.

I think MIM standard Teles are fine guitars, and really recommend those pickups.


I don't want to question you but I'm going to. Where are you getting this?
I actually saw it on the Telecaster Discussion page. I hope it's okay to post a link to this page.

Obvioulsy Brad is knowing for using lots of different gear, so I don't take it to mean he uses them exclusively in any way. But knowing the pickup, I find it believeable he liked it in at least one guitar. We're talking bridge pup, not neck....

"Brad has really liked the Dimarzio Area T in the last Crook so we went with that again in the bridge."

Of course, most of his guitars were damaged in the flood. So I have no idea what he has now.


Cool. I knew he'd used Fralin's and Peter Florance but I'd not heard about the Dimarzio's which were what I was going to recommend in here but you got me sidetracked. :D


I wanted noiseless pickups in my Tele Thinline and I went with: Lace Sensor Gold/neck and Duncan Little 59 with series-parallel switching/bridge. I'm very happy with both of them.


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I swear by EMGs, but you have to be okay with the look. The tone is absolutely magical, though.

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