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I had visited a Brazilian chord charts website once around 15 years ago. I can't remember what I was looking for back in the day, but I remember the website was very rudimentary and I didn't like the chord chart available for the song I was searching. This way, I closed the window on my browser and never went back there again.

Back to the present, I was joking my wife that I wanted to hear her singing for me and that she could choose any song of her preference. When she made her choice, I did a google search for it.

I had heard that song before, so I gave it a try by ear. When I noticed there were some relatively quick chord changes (*) - which I really enjoyed -, I realized it would take a while.

Then I remembered that on the google results page that Brazilian chord charts website was displayed, and decided to click on it.

I was pleased by the chord chart available for the song I was searching for. Also, I noticed the site has evolved a lot in the last 15 years: now they show the chord diagrams, which you not only can listen to, but also you can get different options for fingering. There is also a YT video embedded, which makes things more practical.

Of course, it can be a hit or miss, depending on what you're searching for. I did a search for a few other tunes and some really had some issues (none of them were Brazilian).

But for Brazilian music, which can be more difficult to find widely available, this website might be worth of a try.

Finally, here is the song that my wife wanted me to learn:

(*Edit: not exactly quick; I think the tensions made them tricky to figure out by ear.)
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