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Brian Cox: any ideas?

how long did he build for? Any idea how many Ultimate 5e3's are out there?? Poor soul, what did he pass from?? What were his prices in 2012 when he was alive? I just paid $1200 for a dead mint one & im not sorry! Any tid-bit of info would be appreciated to help keep his memory & builds alive!


I bought a Cox Amp in Dec. 2012. Mine was a "Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Classic" model. If I remember there were 3 different models, yours the top end version. If I remember he dies from brain cancer in the spring of 2013. I paid about $850 new. I replaced the "Classic" Jensen reissue speaker with a Weber 12A125-A. He had been building these for a while I found about him. He worked as an IT guy for his day job and build the amps during his off hours.

The thing that attracted me to this amp was that it was a no nonsense Tweed Deluxe that was well built at a reason price.

Congratulation on your new amp!

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