Brian Kellner's 1-12 Gold Estoc from Pritchard Amps

Discussion in 'Builder's & Retailer's Forum' started by ekp, May 5, 2012.

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    Sep 2, 2003
    Berkeley Springs, WV
    Brian Kellner (The Bushman Brothers, UK and Austrailia) bought a Pritchard Gold Estoc in a 2-12 cabinet two years ago. He recently decided that he would like a lighter rig for the less important gigs, so he bought a 1-12 cab with the idea of moving the amp from cab to cab as needed.

    So last night he had such a gig. He found that he could get into the gig in one trip with his guitar on his back, cords and delay pedal in the gig bag, and the amp in one hand.

    And the little amp, looking somewhat like a practice amp was big and loud.

    The stock speaker (Custom Eminence) was more than he expected and more than his Vintage 30's....

    And he wonders why it is that more folks don't buy such a great amp...

    Have a great day, Eric
  2. Tubevalvemaniac

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Gold Estoc is fantastic.
    I am tube guy and after playing 2x10" Gold Estoc for two years decided to buy another Pritchard amp 1x12" Scumback equipped Sword of Satori. Boy, is it great?
    I think I can get rid of at least 3 or 4 tube amps now, but will not do it because of nostalgia.
    Eric makes the most non sufficiently anticipated amps on TGP and they deserve much more attention of real tone connoisseurs. Word tube amp losses relevance after playing some of Pritchard's gems.

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