British amp to compliment Deville 410


I play in an alternative/indie band. We have a very sparse sound, I use a lot of reverb and some delay, and like my cleans glassy and clear. Since I am currently the only guitar player in our 3 piece, I'm looking at running a "stereo" setup, as in, using both amps always.

I've tested out my Deville with an AC15, and quite liked it, however if I could get a head that does a similar, chimey sound with equal or greater headroom, if be happiest.

  • British clean chime
  • Decent headroom (stay kinda clean with a Deville)
  • Amp Head
  • Can be had for around 350-450 used
I'm anticipating the OR15 and Night Train 15, but other amps are encouraged. If those two are my best options, tell me why. I like them, but I'm not 100% confident in their headroom.

My other question, speaking of headroom, is; how much less of a factor is headroom when running stereo? My Deville will never break up, but what about the British amp I am to choose? IF, for example, a Tiny Terror has no headroom on its own, would splitting it's work between two amps allow it to be precieved as cleaner?
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