broken hd500 and patches


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So I bought a second hand hd500.
I come home with the thing, cant get no connection with a pc. I look at the usb port and notice the little pins are bend and cannot make good connecting to the plug. I brought it to a electronics repairshop. See if they can fit in a new port. There is no warranty on the machine and I have no invoice.
The man tried first the weld a usb cable straight to the motherboard, but even then no connection to the pc. So I guess the software is broken though it runs fine.
Just no way to update or use hd edit.

My question is this, is there a way to read out patches from customtone. Hd edit only works of the hd is connected. So I would like to download a patch and then read out what parameters are set.

Does anyone know here?




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Luckily, yes there is.

HD Edit can run independently. Download the patch, open it in Edit and record the settings on paper. Roundabout, but it works.

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