Brown Sound Revisited

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Should Stone Mob play longer leads?

  1. No, they are just the right amount to leave us wanting more.

  2. Yes- let's hear more shredding!

  3. No- these leads suck.

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  1. Freddie Axman

    Freddie Axman Member

    Mar 28, 2017
    Hailed as "one to watch out for" by's Cum on Feel the Newz STONE MOB is a newly formed band out of Virginia. To achieve his sound Guitarist Blaine Kaltman's main ax- nicknamed "Excalibur"- is an Ibanez jem 77 strung with Ernie Ball super slinky nickle plated 9 gauge strings and run through a 50 watt 4 tube Bedrock amp circa 1994. Solo's sometimes employee a MXR phase 90. Check out the insane tapping at 1.21. This is STONE MOB's "Murder Town."
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  2. Dasein

    Dasein Member

    Nov 9, 2005
    Hey Blaine - lot of fun here. I really liked the raw and live quality of the takes and love the video. Lots of quotes and references to Ed in the playing - especially that tapping break (I heard some DeMartini in there too) - and the vocals had a little DLR in them which was nice. I bet you guys can sleigh it in a small club. Great to see guys my age and older rocking it out and having fun. Tell us more about the project. Your guitar mix is pretty dry (which I think is right for you in this band) so there's not a lot of "wet" to hide yourself - that takes some fearlessness for sure to pull off. The rest of your stuff in this same vein? Where's the Mob go from here?

    My only suggestion on this cut would be to revisit the mix itself which is a bit bottom and mid heavy (which makes it a little muddy). Something like this is usually a product of the mixing environment itself (be it a room or headphones) that skews what you hear in a particular way. I'm still learning all that stuff myself as I go forward with my own projects.

    How fun was that video though too eh? I was digging the gunfight -- I even went and picked up my holster at some point (my six is being serviced). It was awesome!
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  3. Motorheart

    Motorheart Member

    Jul 4, 2017
    Holy **** that guy can play. Awesome band. Awesome video. AWESOME guitar solo! You can find this guy teaching lessons in Guitar World too. I'm learning one of the licks from this song now. It's pretty hard but I'm trying!

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