BSM Fuzz Bender...VERY cool!


I pretty much stopped buying pedals a couple of years ago when I settled on my DAM 1966 and very early Fuzz Factory from 1997. I recall trying a BSM fuzz Bender in a store about 6 years ago (?) before I was that well versed in the fuzz world and since then have gone round the globe trying many fuzz boxes from Analog Man, Retro Man, Skin Pimp, Lumpy, Dice Works, Stomp Under Foot, DAM, MJM, Throback, Fulltone, BYOC, Skreddy, Watson, Lovepedal and others.

I finally decided that I liked early Tonbenders and Fuzz Face and of course the Fuzz Factory which is a different animal all together...the early hand built ones sounding really different than more recent builds being a bit fuller and rich in the low end.

Anyway, I saw a BSM Fuzz Bender and snagged it as I always liked to design approach with the two knobs on the side and the idea that it had both a fuzz face and tonebender settings with the flip of a switch. I was a bit skeptical that there would be much difference but I got the pedal, put in a fresh zinc battery an gave it a whirl and color me impressed!

It is a GREAT sounding fuzz and indeed there is quite a difference between the two settings. The Fuzz Face is what you'd expect from a really good germanium FF...wooly, thick and rich with a lot of variation to be had from your guitar volume. I always found a great germanium fuzz to provide wonderful mid gain overdrive tones when you back off the volume and these are there. Switching to the tonebender the fuzz the sound is much less full and more raspy with less sustain as well. It's not quite as zippy and thin as the DAM 1966 (which I love btw) and seems to fall in between a MKI and MKII. With my Tele it does indeed inspire early Zeppelin tones and reacts very strongly to both volume and tone knob settings.

The circuit is encased in some kind of plastic shell so there's no way to see what's being used and I think all the BSM pedals are designed this way from what I've seen. I think they used to sell for something like $300 which is of course a lot of cash for a pedal and I've never needed a treble booster as I use a Tele and brighter Fender amps.

Not sure what happened to the company, the website is still up but they seem to have fallen off the radar here and elsewhere. This is a REALLY great fuzz and one of the best I have tried. Thought I'd post this for historical reasons and to see if anyone else might have one and what their opinions might be...
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I've owned for about two years now, I agree that it sounds killer.
I think it uses Seimens transistors which aren't temperature sensitive.
I could be wrong about that,I'm going on memory which isn't the greatest.
I love mine, it's a keeper.
BSM makes a lot of different treble boosters and I'd love to get my hands on one someday.

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