BTPA (Best-Tronics Pro Audio) // Free Panel Installed with Purchase of a Pedaltrain

BT Pro Audio

Hi Everyone!

We are now offering Pedaltrain's as standalone items on our site -

For all of March, we are offering a free interface panel and free installation of them if you purchase a Pedaltrain board!

If you are unaware of what the interface panel is, take a look here (or the picture below) -

The panels can contain all of your inputs and outputs. They are a great way to save the wear and tear on your pedals from constantly plugging in and out of them. They are also awesome for an easy setup/teardown each night.

The offer is just the bulk panel itself installed to the Pedaltrain board. If you'd like a Pedaltrain modded with higher feet, the panel pre-wired, a power supply installed, or all of the above give us a shout! We will gladly do this for you (while still offering the metal panel itself and the installation of the panel for free!).


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