Budda BRS-97020 Budwah or Budda BLack label Wah ???


Ok. I was about to buy a Budda Wah Black Label several months ago. And What ??? This new BRS-97020 Budda appears on Guitarcenter.com and the other one just disappear. So what's the deal ??? Is this bettter than the old one ???

First thing that I thought whe I look the new one was: That new design looks really ugly. I just want to know the differences between both Whas. And finally, What happened with the old one ??? It's totally
discontinued ??? Can I buy the Black Label new in somewhere ???

Thanks again TGP

Regards to everybody seeing this thread.:munch


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Budda wah changed last year, not sure which model is the "black label", I just know the good old purple one in Dunlop size.

New one looks even worst when you see it in a pedalboard, I don't know why they thought the chromed iron style was a good idea.. but if you can live with it I think it has a wider wah range on the rocker. There is a youtube comparing both, they pretty much sound the same to me.

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