BudWah - Factory Pot setting?


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I was curious to know if anyone can tell me how the gear/pot is set up inside a stock Budda Wah Pedal - as in how many gear notches from being wide open on the treble end of the pot?
Reason is I recently purchased one used and the pot was set with the treble wide open. It was a little harsh, so I backed the pot off one notch on the gear and it mellowed it as expected, but I’d really like to hear what it’s supposed to sound like from the factory.
Anyone have this info?


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i would assume they set them the same as all the crybaby wahs and this is direct from Dunlop on how to replace and set a pot...

1. -remove back plate
2. -loosen potentiometer nut with ½” wrench
3. -loosen white cable clamp with Phillips screwdriver and push it to the side
4. -unplug wire harness (w/h) from PC board (PCB) and remove pot with w/h still attached
5. -set new pot in the cradle while separating the two washers, so the 2 washers sit on opposite sides
6. -plug w/h in to the PCB with wires facing the pot
7. -tighten nut while pushing pot with thumb so the pot stays sitting at the bottom of the cradle
8. -rotate pot CCW, move one notch back CW, and set rack against pot
9. -move cable clamp back over and tighten with screw driver
10. -screw on back plate

so step 8 is what's you need to know....spin the pot all the way counter clockwise then one notch clockwise and align the gear with the rack.


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