Sold Buffalo FX Evolution, LA Sound Design PI-01 Interface/Buffer, AmpRX Brown Box


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Buffalo FX Evolution 4 Stage Overdrive, one of the best dirt boxes I've ever played, but I'm pulling similar tones with what I already have. Box and manual included SOLD

LA Sound Design PI-01, $300 new straight from LASD. This one was hard mounted underneath my pedaltrain by the XTS custom shop here in Nashville, so the top of the box has three tiny holes where the screws went through. Useful if you want to mounted under a slanted board yourself, but not a hindrance if not. Yours for only PENDING

AmpRx Brown Box, run your amps at a regulated voltage (you never know what's coming out of your wall) or run your vintage amps at the correct 110v. These are incredible units and never come up used or at a discount like this. Includes carrying case. SOLD

Shipping and paypal on me, no trades.




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