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Buffer - fuzz - wah question


Silver Supporting Member
So I need some schoolin'.

I am new to the world of fuzz. I picked up my first - a Mojo Hand Iron Bell - recently. I'm rewiring my board to accommodate and realize I may have some issues with my wah and the fuzz not playing nicely.

I've got a Fulltone Clyde deluxe which I have read may be "fuzz friendly" because of a buffer. I've also read that putting a buffer before the fuzz, in general, is ok. I also happen to have a standalone buffer which I had previously run first in my chain anyway.

Any thoughts on how I should order these? For ease of wiring, it would be best for me to be able to run wah (which I keep off the board to the right) > fuzz or wah > buffer > fuzz.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Gold Supporting Member
General consensus is to put fuzzes before any buffers. I say, try all the combinations and let your ears tell you which works best for you.


Depends on the topology of the fuzz. I would try first Buffer->Fuzz->Wah. See if the fuzz is behaving right. If not, move it in front of the buffer.


Wannabe Shredder
Silver Supporting Member
You fuzz is a Big Muff type, which generally are happy behind a buffer, so you're fine either way I'd say.


Silver Supporting Member
I've always found that a buffer before a muff tends to be slightly spitty which takes away from the smoothness that muffs are so well known for. Let your ears do the deciding nothing is going to get hurt.


If the Fulltone Clyde you have has the "fuzz friendly" buffer onboard, it will only be present when the wah is active. So the only time the fuzz will "see" that buffer is when you have both wah and fuzz on. A standalone buffer would be constantly on, which may not be what you want (if you want to use that one for general buffering, it should go after the fuzz, if the fuzz pedal doesn't like buffers).

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