Sold Bugera 1960 Infinium Plexi Style 100W Head


Up for sale is one of the best Marshall Plexi Style 100W heads you can get for little money. It has a Post Phase Inverter Master Volume, Pre-bridged inputs, Cascaded Gain Stage input options (JCM800/Randy Rhodes style), and auto biasing. Scanning the board and its traces/components, it faithfully follows the Marshall 1959 Circuit schematic. Its actually close to an early 70's Marshall JMP Super Lead in terms of the circuit. Its just as loud as one too, which makes the Master Volume a great addition.

Amp is in great condition. These later Infinium units don't seam to have the QC issues the early models did. The tube life status lights are a handy feature for knowing if your tubes are on their way out or not.

Thanks and please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Continental United States only. No International Shipping. No Trades.

Price: $260 Shipped and PayPal'd


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