Bugera Ac60


I'll prob get some flack for this but I just ordered a Bugera AC60 acoustic amp(without playing it). Figured I can always return it Played a party (for fun)the other night w my son's street cube.I usually use a pa for acoustic when doing shows w band. Well, the amp crapped out and I had to run around getting quick replacement. Decided I need an acoustic amp to sing and play thru for small gatherings. Not wanting to spend much, because I don't have much,I was intrigued by the Bugera. All reviews pointed to a def win.what got me ,though, was that there were only a handful of stores selling these babies. Why??? Hope I don't find out a negative reason. I tried the V22 awhile back. Not impressed. Has anyone tried these AC60's ?? Why aren't there any negative user reviews or used ones for sale ? Just askin!

Black Squirrel

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Looks like an AER, I read some reviews it looks promising I will keep an eye on this thread.

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