Build a Tweed 5e3 or princeton reverb?


The two amps im drooling over right now are a Tungsten Creama Wheat and a Milkman Creamer. But funds dont allow for either. Both amps share some characteristics of the classics mentioned in the thread title.

Which of the tweed deluxe or princeton could i mod and get closer to these amps im inspired by? I know this is an odd question but im not scared of mods and prefer to tweak everything i own.

So you know i play americana rock and worship music. I would love a semi dirty rootsy tone. I play a 335 and tele. Pedal friendly is great plus. Please help mod masters.


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A Tele and a 5e3 are made for each other. Dirty rootsy tone galore. A 335 kills it with a 5e3 too.


Yeah, semi-dirty rootsy tone is almost a synonym for 5e3. Another factor is that a 5e3 is much easier to build than a PR, which is also why there are many more 5e3 kits available.

Yet another point--you may find after building a stock 5e3 that you don't want to change a thing. I built a 5e3 from a Mission kit in '03, and haven't seen fit to change a damn thing. It's a well-engineered classic. You wouldn't put a lift kit in a gull-wing Mercedes, would you?

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